Ryan’s 2019 Challenges

I am going to attempt to focus a bit on more solo gaming in 2019. I succeeded in my 10×10 from last year, and I decided to challenge myself in a different way this year. I may try a 5×10 or a 10×5 for regular gaming, but I’m not sure right now. I did enjoy playing games off of my unplayed list at the end of 2017, so I decided to do that again this year.

10×10 Solo Challenge

Here is the list for my solo challenge. 10 games played 10 times. So why are there more than 10? Because I haven’t played most of these solo, and I’m not sure if they are fun or not. Some of the games will use bots or automata, and a couple will be using unofficial versions I downloaded from BGG. Many co-op games, while not having solo officially, can be played that way of you play as multiple characters.

I’ll mark the games as they are played with an *.

So, the current list is as follows:

10×5 Challenge

Ok, I have a long list of games that don’t get played often enough, so I decided to ad a 10 games played 5 times. This shouldn’t be too difficult, but the list is long because I’d love to play more of all of these games.

A couple of these are also on the Solo Challenge, but I am only going to count solo plays for that one.

The same rules as above, I’ll mark them as played with an *.

Play 10 Unplayed (As of 01/01/2018) Games