About Us


Drew is the father of one rambunctious 2 year old and became interested in modern tabletop games in college, after a long childhood of playing Stratego, Clue, and Yahtzee.

He also enjoys video games (simulations and strategy games), LEGO sets, and reading.

He enjoys playing wargames (usually solitaire) and light to middle weight euros as he can get his wife to join him with these. He is a sucker for anything that has a campaign mode and generally dislikes social deduction.

Drew, Eleanor, and Samantha


Ryan is a father of 3 wonderful kids (Ok, 2 kids and an adult. 5, 17, & 21.), and has been interested in games his whole life, although he really got heavy into the hobby in the late 90’s. His wife Dina shares in his interest, which probably just enables his obsession, and the children are more often than not willing to play too.

He also enjoys playing disc golf, reading, listening to podcasts, and watching movies & TV.

As far as his gaming preferences, he tends towards co-op games. While competition is not an issue, he prefers to be able to win as a team. He enjoys deck building games, racing games, and dexterity games in general. He’s also beginning to be a convert to Legacy games.

Ryan's Family
From left to right: Katlyn, Aleksia, Dina, Joe, and Ryan