d20 List: Agree to Disagree

It’s been a crazy couple weeks…so crazy that Ryan and I almost forgot that we were gonna start doing a d20 list at the end of each month.

So, you get this! I did actually ‘roll a die’ (courtesy of random.org) but we are going to do something that is sort of sweeping Facebook groups.

Below I have listed 10 statements from myself (and 10 from Ryan that could be considered controversial or unpopular in the board gaming world. In the comments, list the number(s) and whether you agree or disagree. No discussion, no trying to get others to see your viewpoint. Just agree or disagree. I’ll post our rationales as an additional post early next week.

Drew’s statements are 1-10, Ryan’s are 11-20.

  1. The Mind is not a game.
  2. Most Kickstarters are overrated, not great games.
  3. Great Mechanics aren’t anything unless they are paired with good components or theme.
  4. Not every game needs a solo mode.
  5. Collectors ruin the secondary market for games.
  6. Digital implementations of games will not ruin boardgaming.
  7. During game days, you don’t have to play games that include all players at once.
  8. Cool minis are no replacement for gameplay.
  9. There is nothing wrong with BGG asking for donations.
  10. There is no such thing as too many D-Day games.
  11. Cult of the new isn’t a bad thing.
  12. I don’t enjoy direct conflict.
  13. Your opinion about a game one of us doesn’t like is completely valid.
  14. It’s ok to take some time away from gaming.
  15. Party games are games too.
  16. Kids games can be fun.
  17. The Mind is a game.
  18. The biggest box doesn’t always mean the best game.
  19. Kickstarter can and should be used by established companies.
  20. Just because you play solo games, it doesn’t mean you need more friends.

Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments, and give us your own ‘controversial’ board game opinions!

3 thoughts on “d20 List: Agree to Disagree

  1. 1 – No idea
    2 – Disagree (only based on what I’ve backed/played)
    3 – Tentatively agree
    4 – Agree
    5 – No idea
    6 – No interest in digital games, so agree
    7 – Agree
    8 – Agree, but they are cool.
    9 – Agree
    10 – No interest for me, but whatever floats your boat.
    11 – Agree
    12 – I don’t mind it
    13 – Agree
    14 – Agree
    15 – Agree
    16 – Agree
    17 – No idea
    18 – Agree
    19 – Agree
    20 – Agree

    1 – There is such a thing as too much Cthulhu.
    2 – Zombies… maybe it’s time to let the dead rest in peace?
    3 – It would be nice to see more sci-fi Euro games.
    4 – BGG is great, but it needs a UI overhaul.
    5 – It would be good to have a home for RPGs as vibrant as BGG.
    6 – Table top miniature games should have their own site (like RPGG) or sub-category on BGG.
    7 – Audio podcasts are better than YouTube videos.
    8 – No, I don’t need to click the all-in pledge for $500, I don’t need that one exclusive miniature, plushy and poster print that will sit in the box for eternity.
    9 – Yes, I do need to click the all-in pledge for $500, that exclusive miniature looks cool, the plushy will go on my game shelf looking sweet and the t-shirt will proclaim to the world I love my hobby.
    10 – Yes, podcasters, YouTube creators and bloggers can and should have a way to monetise their content if they would like to. It takes time and effort to create the stuff that ultimately helps drive the board game community and therefore industry – go for it.

    Bonus Track – Art is vital to a successful game. Yes there are outliers (I’m looking at you Terraforming Mars), but good art a popular game maketh.

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    1. 1. Agree
      2. Agree
      3. Agree
      4. Completely ambivalent
      5. Agree
      6. Agree
      7. Disagree
      8. Agree
      9. Agree
      10 Agree
      Bonus! Agree


  2. For Giles:
    1) Agree
    2) Strongly Agree
    3) Agree
    4) Agree
    5) Agree
    6) Agree
    7) Disagree
    8) Agree
    9) Disagree
    10) Agree

    Bonus: Yeah, I agree with that too.


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