My Year in Gaming: 6 Month Edition

I’ve been slowly playing less and less games over the past few years. My wife’s shooting helped contribute to this, because she couldn’t sit for very long. Our 4 year old helped contribute to it, taking up a lot of our free time (Not in a bad way of course.). Some of it was that I stopped counting app plays against real people, and then burned out on the apps themselves (I’m looking at you Ascension & Star Realms. Still great apps though.)

But I decided to change that this year. I decided to commit to playing more. It wasn’t just a New Year’s Resolution, because the last 3 months of 2017 were my busiest months of last year, but I was going to put in an effort.

I downloaded a new app to help track plays. I’ve been using BG Stats. This app is excellent. It makes it very easy to track, and I even decided to try to track game lengths too, and it has a timer built in. My only complaint is that while it will automatically post to BGG, it won’t automatically add the plays to Twitter like adding a game directly on BGG will do. I’ve adjusted to that by taking pics of everything I play and posting in Instagram so people know what I’ve been playing (Although I’ve never actually gotten any proof of if anyone actually cares about this info.).

What this app is the best at is giving me data. I LOVE useless data. I use apps to track what beers I try, what books I read, what TV shows I watch, and all of my disc golf scores. I love useless data.

Ok, so I decided to be very aggressive on what I wanted to do this year. I made a 10×10 list (10 plays of 10 games this year, see my current status here.), I made a challenge with myself to play 10 games that were unplayed as of January 1st, and I made a challenge to play 5 games that I love and hadn’t played in years (I have since bumped this up to 10 games.). The app also helps make these lists simple to make and track.

I’ve been killing at these challenges. To be honest, the 10×10 is always in a state of flux. I did not stick with my original 10 games, mainly because I get new games and some of those get played more as time goes by. As of this moment, I have played 73 out of 100 plays for this, and have played 3 games 10 times already: Friday, Charterstone, and Ganz schön clever. I’ve already finished all 10 unplayed games, and have played 9 of the It’s Been Too Long list.

I’m not going to bore you with all the numbers of monthly plays, but I have played 90 games a total of 227 times already. That’s probably more than 5 of the last 6 years, or at least close. The family has helped immensely, especially Aleksia, kid games play quick and are easy to get to the table, but my friends and I have been trying to play more often, even if it isn’t in big groups.

A couple of my more memorable plays/games this year:

Charterstone: A legacy game, so it should be an experience. 12 plays and it came down to only a few points between the winner and second place (Although I suspect I messed up a big thing and Joe probably won.). Changing the board, having twists change the rules, adding things to make game play vary from game to game, we had a lot of laughs and surprises. It was a fantastic 12 plays, and we enjoyed it so much that my friend Eric, who joined Dina, Joe, and me in our plays, bought a recharge pack so we can do it all again, although hopefully with the full 6 players.

Eldritch Horror: A game I acquired in a trade for Trajan late last year. My first play went terribly, but blew me away. It’s great fun, and I am now wondering why I took so long to play it. Joe and I literally had the game won unless we lost 2 doom points on our last turn in our second play, and of course that happened and we very narrowly lost.

Of course I have many other good memories of games this year. The amazing Ganz schön clever, the silly fun of The Mind (Sadly I seem to enjoy it more than my friends & family.), I won a solo play of Elder Sign, playing Runebound for the first time in 8 years (It’s still is one of my favorite games to play.), and after getting a great deal, playing Stuffed Fables with Joe and Aleksia, which is amazing, but sadly Aleksia is too young for it.

And of course my friends and family. I’m playing more games solitaire this year, but it’s only to keep myself on course and play things, it has no bearing on any of you, who have been helping me play so much this year. I know my 6 months aren’t quite done, and more games will get played this week. That’s not something I could have said often over the last few years

That’s it. I’m stopping now before more stuff flows out of my active and apparently sentimental brain. Have fun gaming!

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