Review: Sagrada

In 2015 my wife traveled to Spain to achieve a life long goal of hers…which was to travel to Spain and teach.

She spent 4 weeks in Seville and I met her for two weeks after.  We traveled all through the country, spending time in Seville, Córdoba, Granada, Barcelona, and Pamplona (we even attended the Running of the Bulls!).

In Barcelona, I had the opportunity to hear all about Antoni Gaudí, with whom my wife had become obsessed.  For those of you know don’t know, Gaudí is/was the architect behind La Sagrada Familia, a huge Basilica located in Barcelona that is known for many, many wonderful things, including it’s stained glass work.


When I heard that there was going to be a dice game based on building stained glass windows, I knew this was one that would be an auto back for us.  I didn’t even really read through the rules in full, I heard that it was dice placement and I heard that it was based upon the basilica.  I opened my wallet and let them take my money.

The first time I played Sagrada, I knew it was something special.  It was thinky, but not the type of thinky that made your brain really hurt.  It looked absolutely stunning once all the dice of varying colors were placed.  There were ways for you to impact the other players, but it wasn’t in a confrontational way, which was nice for my wife and I.

We have played the game with the minimum (2) and the maximum (4) and we haven’t felt that play suffered at either of those player counts.  There are a wide variety of ‘tool cards’ which are special powers that players can pay to buy as well as a variety of public end game scoring goals.  One of the cons I have to this game (which I have for other games that run into this issue) is when you have two goals that are not compatible with each other.  Some people may not have a problem with this, and I know it’s a bit of a reach to call it a con, but I have had better plays when the 3 public objectives have been distinct.

The other major ‘con’ to this game is that you can’t find it.  It has been in high demand since it’s release, so I am always grabbing it to throw in my bag of games for game days so I can share the awesomeness that is this game.

Floodgate Games has published a gem, and this is one game I am super glad is on my 10 x 10 list this year so I can keep playing it.  Even if my overall strategy is normally the same, with the different window ‘boards’ to play, the different combination of goals, and the different combination of tools, I know this one will have immense replayability for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Review: Sagrada

    1. I would love to find Azul, and I heard there is to be a reprint this year, but we are really locking down extra spending in our family and I have a con I’m going to, so I might have to let it pass again…


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